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Locally owned and managed property group opens with experience

Moncton, NB, October 16, 2020 – Quest Properties, a division of local private equity firm Quest Capital, is aiming to shake up the local rental market with high-quality standards focusing on long term tenant relationships.

We’re very happy to announce the launch of our Quest Properties division. Over the past several months, we’ve met with hundreds of potential tenants to better understand their needs when it comes to apartment living and we’ve received an abundance of valuable feedback and insights we hope to integrate into our buildings immediately. will become a major communications channel for us to keep everyone informed of our current apartments and many upcoming projects. Our goal is to provide people with an apartment that feels just like home with an emphasis on the tenant experience that includes living, amenities, communication and most of all, community.

– Thierry Comtois, VP – Acquisition & Development Quest Capital

Behind Quest Properties is a trio of local business owners including Nach Daniel, Harold Daley and Thierry Comtois. Their decades of combined experience in business, apartment management and customer service have instilled a commitment to creating high-quality living spaces with access to the modern amenities clients expect today.

Quest Properties launches with two stabilized properties on Lionel St. in Dieppe along with five new projects in various stages of completion around the Greater Moncton area launching in 2021 and beyond. These spaces range from the luxurious and urban-centred Promenade 9 in Downtown Dieppe to the quieter, suburban, nature-centric Place Sentier on Lafayette St. With a variety of new projects already announced or having already broken ground, there will soon be a Quest Property that fits your lifestyle in the near future.

To find comfort and style in the apartment you will call home please visit to find the project closest to your ideal location.


If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Thierry Comtois

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