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[Dieppe, Feb 22, 2024] – Quest Capital, a privately held company with a portfolio of multi-residential real estate properties, and industry veteran Rob Clinch have successfully completed the acquisition of Rice Contracting Limited, a distinguished commercial general contracting company boasting over 30 years of industry expertise. The purchase, finalized from John Rice, the founder and former owner of Rice Contracting Limited, marks a strategic move for Quest and Clinch to expand their footprint in both the commercial and multi-residential construction sectors.

Rice Contracting Limited, renowned for its exceptional construction projects spanning various industries, brings a stellar reputation and a legacy of excellence that aligns seamlessly with the growth vision of Clinch, who is becoming the CEO of both construction companies. The acquisition is poised to leverage the combined expertise and resources of the group including Quest Capital, Clinch, and Rice Contracting Limited to enhance service offerings, drive innovation, and strengthen client relationships. Clinch, a respected figure in the commercial construction sector who is also the President and CEO of Avant Garde Construction and Management Inc., expressed his excitement about the acquisition.

“We are thrilled about the potential for growth and innovation that this acquisition presents. Rice Contracting Limited has a strong legacy of excellence, and we look forward to building on that foundation to deliver even greater value to their clients and staff.”
– Rob Clinch

Quest Capital (also known as Quest Properties) develops world-class properties and vibrant communities. Its unwavering commitment to the highest quality standards is complemented by an unrelenting focus on delivering an Outstanding Experience that positively enriches the lives of its residents.

“We view this acquisition as a strategic move to enhance our presence in both the multi-residential and commercial construction markets. The synergy between our strategic vision and Rice Contracting Limited’s proven track record is expected to fuel innovation and success in these sectors.”
– Says Harold Daley, CEO of Quest.

John Rice, the former owner of Rice Contracting Limited, shared his perspective on the transition.

“It has been a privilege to lead Rice Contracting Limited for the past three decades. I am confident that under the new leadership of Rob Clinch and the team at Quest Capital, the company, its clients, and most importantly our staff will continue to thrive and reach new heights.”
– John Rice

John Rice will play a crucial role in facilitating a smooth transition during this exciting phase. He will be actively involved and will continue to contribute his wealth of experience to support the integration process and facilitate a smooth transition during this exciting phase. This collaborative effort between the former and new leadership is designed to maintain continuity and uphold the high standards that Rice Contracting Limited is known for.

About Quest Capital:

Quest Capital is a dynamic real estate investment company with a proven track record of identifying and nurturing successful businesses across various industries. Founded by Nach Daniel, Harold Daley, and Thierry Comtois, Quest Capital is dedicated to long-term growth and strategic partnerships, and actively supporting its development, property management, and construction companies.

About Rob Clinch:

Clinch is a seasoned professional in the commercial construction sector, known for his leadership, strategic vision, and ability to drive business success. Currently serving as the President and CEO of Avant Garde Construction at Avant Garde Construction and Management Inc., Clinch is dedicated to advancing the industry through innovation and excellence.

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