The Logo

The Quest logo is the most visible element of our identity. It is to be used for all communications and signage. The logo is made up of two elements; the symbol and the wordmark. Together they create the Quest signature. While it is a simple logo, it must be respected and nurtured at all times in order to look its best.

The Symbol

The Q symbol is an impactful element in itself. When space may be restricted or the full Quest name may not be legible, the symbol may be broken away from the logo and used as a design element or as an iconic representation of the Quest brand.

The Wordmark

When vertical space is limited, The Quest wordmark may also be used by itself, however the symbol should not be rearranged to fit horizontally.


Montserrat is the standard typeface for Quest. It is an urban, modern and clean typeface that works well in high constrast environments. Montserrat font family provides many variations and weights

which gives us the opportunity to leverage this font when it comes to headlines, sub headings and body text. This typeface should be used when producing any corporate communication collaterals. Montserrat is a free font available for download at:


Color is an important component of how a brand is perceived. The Quest color system is a modern representation of quality, luxury and comfort that has been designed to remain consistent throughout different mediums. The adjacent color chart reflects the breakdown of the brand colors as per each medium.


Quest photography must assist in conveying a modern social lifestyle. These images should have a “community” feel. They must feel authentic and inspiring. Whenever possible, photos should include our buildings as a backdrop, however when this is not possible stock imagery may be substituted. In order to convey the essence of Quest, photography should include some level of leisure and enjoyment and should feature real people whenever possible. Here are some samples of recommended style of photography.